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A full body health scan

Given that I can see the bodies energy fields I will create a detailed illustration so you can see for yourself how it actually looks, and how to understand it. This can reveal: If you have been carrying past emotional traumas with you.  Any old injuries that are still causing problems.  If you’re holding onto difficult emotions, if so where and how could this be effecting your physical health?  What your stress looks like: If you’ve been overly using one side of your brain, do you have chronic stress, the cause behind headaches.  Any potential health issues. Physical health issues can be detected early by seeing them in their energetic form. 

Full body healing

Any issues I pick up on I will send healing to. Receiving healing is a relaxing experience, however the effect of this can be profound. Each individual feels the effects of healing differently, some examples are:A feeling of lightness having relieved the burden of carrying past emotional trauma.  Renewed vitality.Feeling calm and peaceful after a period of stress.  Relief of pain and physical tension, such as headaches, body pains and muscular tension.Improved sleep quality.  A raised immune system.  Relief from depression, anxiety and emotional upset. Relief from stress and an increase in mental clarity 

What will a 30 min de-stress treatment include?
  •   Comparable to a hands-free head massage, you will receive healing for your face, head, neck and shoulders.
   •   Become calm and feel relief from your stress and mental tension.
   •   Gain an understanding of what your stress actually looks like!  This can reveal:
If you’re using more of your left or right brain or if you have chronic stress. Do you get headaches? Find out if your headaches are related to physical shoulder and neck tension (often the result of desk work) or are your headaches the direct result of mental stress visible on the brain?
(Please note this treatment is included in a full session.) 

What will a session be like?

 What will a session be like?


The initial treatment will start with a consultation. The healing will then follow, I occasionally lead you into this with a relaxing meditation. I will take notes during the healing procedure and feedback will be given at the end. From this we can discuss the best form of treatment for your specific personal needs.

I practice Spiritual Healing which is a slightly different technique to Reiki. The recipient will be seated and the treatment is mainly hands-off. This is an easy no-fuss treatment and can be helpful if the client is frail or uncomfortable being touched.

Distant Healing

Distant Healing is Healing performed when the patient is not present. It is possible to transmit healing energies over any distance and this form of healing can be very effective. The patients may or may not be aware that this healing has been undertaken for them but may attain much benefit from it.


About Me

 I find beauty in the diversity of individuals and look forward to each patient as a new story; providing the energy needed to help you heal yourself  

Imogen Kirk-Reynolds


An associated member of the British Alliance of Healing Associations and accredited CNHC registered, Imogen attended the School of Insight and Intuition from April 2008 for three years. During her studies Imogen quickly gained acknowledgment for her ability to clearly see the body's energy field, this allows her to view an in depth and detailed view of the client’s ailments, allowing for a truly personalised treatment.

"Imogen is a very effective healer. She has a very good perception of a person's energy system and can clear blocked and stuck energies".
Tony Chiva - Tutour from the School of Insight and Intuition

A BA hons graduate in Illustration from University of the Arts London Imogen provides unique illustrations of the energies that she sees, providing the opportunity to see your energy bodies for yourself.

An intuitive healer, Imogen provides a subtle and relaxing, yet profound healing. Her treatment is truly holistic accessing the physical to the emotional, and the mental to the spiritual. With her natural aptitude for working with high frequency energies Imogen is particularly adept at healing mental, emotional and psychological issues. 

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